I was asked a question by a friend yesterday that made me realize my innate ability to listen to my own divine intuition.  Immediately I knew, within, the answer to the question but of course my human mind stopped to 'think'.  

The intuitive answer was profound, it was instant, it was full of love.  It was Spirit who interceded.  

She asked, "At what age do you want to die"?  
Immediately my southern draw and natural instinct said, "Whenever the good Lord or Spirit within me decides".  
Instead of piping out these words, I paused and just listened to her opinions then said quietly that I was thankful for the privilege of living.  Truth is, I am thankful everyday for the honor to be on the Earth in the physical form because I feel I can truly make a difference.  Every soul has something to offer no matter if the soul is five days old or one hundred and five years old.  I do not know the number of days I'll be here but I do know the enormity of love I feel for this life I was privileged to embody. I will use it well and I am thankful for every soul who walks upon it.  Every soul who has touched my life and I theirs.  My body may fail, I may be in pain at times but that is a consequence of life.  To be able to choose joy through this journey of life no matter what the issue, condition or circumstance is a courageous decision.  In my opinion, it is the only decision I have if I want to live fully everyday until the day comes and my physical body leaves this Earth.  Until that day, I will walk in faith, heart open and thankful for every blessed second I have left here on Earth to serve, to be present and to love.  

Everyday is a gift, that's why they call it the present. 


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