To experience a full life, be here now.  The present moment is the gift revealed to us when we are fully aware, grounded and full of gratitude.  Be in the moment to fully experience joy and freedom.  Learning to become grounded in life through balance, routine and harmony creates an experience of living that reflects one of joy and peace.  A life worth living is one of freedom and ultimately love.
One recent night I dreamed of the dolphin kingdom.  The dream touched my soul on a very profound level.   The dream was so 'real' I could actually physically feel what was happening and going on through my body.  However, not just my body was touched and changed but the experience of the dream touched my heart and literally brought me 'awake' in a spiritual sense which brought profound peace.  My entire being understands now what it is I need to do.  

The dream revealed so much relating to my current life and I am grateful for the dream because of this.  Sometimes we just need a sign to feel validated and that is what the sea angel did for me in that dream.  That little bottle nose dolphin being in my dream invoked a powerful awareness that life is in the moments we live. 
I could go on about how DEEP I feel about this dream but I'll just tell you now how the dream went. :)

I found myself laying atop a body of water on my back, almost like sivasana pose at the end of a yoga practice.  I wasn't consciously in wake state, I was in a deep sleep- a dream state. I remember feeling completely at peace, calm, safe and nurtured.  Above all, I felt unconditionally loved.  It was a profound experience in that I was seeing myself sleeping and I was floating above the water on top of what seemed like a yoga mat which somehow was keeping me above water.  Suddenly I feel a nudge gently on my back as if tapping me to say wake up, you are here.  Beneath the surface was a joyful face I knew before, I acknowledged the sea angel and gently sighed, took my hand and patted its nose then fell back into a deep sleep.  
The experience was beautiful.  There are no words. Kind of like a persons spiritual journey of transformation.  How can you put into words the journey? How can you explain something that touches your soul to such a depth that takes your whole being and fills it with something everlasting?

Recently, I began taking bush walks and cycling long distances along the Swan Canning Riverpark here in Perth, Western Australia.  I often break the trips into segments and stop along the river to observe wildlife, marine life, commune with nature and in particular to observe the pods of dolphins which grace the riverpark with their intelligence, joy, love and peaceful presence.  Through I've never actually seen them above the surface in the river I have seen them along side a sail boat chartered trip I took last year.  We went out farther from the river into the Indian Ocean heading towards Carnac Island and a group of bottlenose dolphins appeared and swam right up to the boat and along side, I even skimmed the dorsal fin of one while we were going along!  After that experience I feel in love and made a commitment to be a voice for the angels of the sea and secretly hoped I'd see them many times again. :)  

Thank you, beauties, for appearing in my dreams to say Namaste'.  

To become involved with the Swan Canning River park and efforts to protect the precious creatures within it please join the Swan River Trust.  There are volunteer programmes to become a river guardian or a dolphin watcher.  Both programmes allow for observations to be entered online and all information will be used for research and for the improvement of the quality of life for the river and the creatures which inhabit it. 

Yours on the journey of transformation, 


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